August 29, 2012

What do you mean? It wasn’t just okay. It was a resounding success.

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“What do you mean? It wasn’t just okay. It was a resounding success.” Kit Kat couldn’t believe that A.S. had only deemed the festival, “okay.” A.S. shrugged. “It IS nice to not be in the hole for once.” Kit Kat nodded and faced Angie. “I think we all did a really good job this year.”

A.S. snorted. “Not as good as Dora. She sold every one of her paintings.” She lowered her voice and continued, “I even heard that after she sold the first two so quickly, she immediately doubled the price on her paintings” Kit Kat smiled. “I think it was Roscoe who changed out her price tags, actually. I heard them quibbling about it when she noticed.” Angie nodded, “Elvis told me that he saw some ski jacket buy one of the paintings she was working on. It wasn’t even finished and he wanted to take it away.”

A.S. placed her hand on Kit Kat’s forearm. “By the way, good job on that impromptu book reading. That really bailed us out.” She sent a glaring look at Angie because the band who had cancelled at the last minute had been one Angie had recommended. “Oh, that was the best book reading I’ve ever had. I sold EVERY copy I had on hand.” Angie asked, “Which book was that from?” Kit Kat blushed. “Oh, that was from The Duke of Windsor’s Inheritance. That passage is a fan favorite. Lady Anne’s husband being found after being presumed dead in the war is a compelling scene.” A.S. nodded. “Especially now, with so many of our men gone to war.”

The three of them sighed, happily, and for a split second, Kit Kat felt the joy of being home. They were sitting outside Mount Zen Cafe on one of the strangely clean picnic tables. She could smell the sap in the evergreens heat up in the sun and permeate the air. She felt like she did when she was just a teenaged girl in Merriton, safe and secure in the knowledge that she was BOM. She was one of the elite few. Except now, she didn’t have the aching longing to leave the mountain. She had already gone and come back… and it felt so good.

And then the beauty of it all was shattered. “What you need to be worried about is Tank’s speech. I’ve had three separate people come up to me asking if I’m worried about TANK running against me. You’ve got an image problem, Angie.” A.S. seemed almost gleeful at revealing that tidbit of information. “I’ve got an image problem? YOU’RE not running for Mayor. Your dad is.” Angie quipped back angrily.

“I’m well aware of my dad’s image problem. Just trying to help you with yours.” A.S. answered icily, but Angie responded so quickly that Kit Kat wondered how the tone of conversation had switched with such a sudden force. “YOU’RE trying to help ME? Like when you HELPED me by telling old lady Osbourne that she got food poisoning from my restaurant?!”

A.S. held up her hands. “I didn’t tell her she got food poisoning from your restaurant. All I did was suggest that she might have food poisoning and SHE DID.” Angie yelled, “You’re not a doctor! You shouldn’t be telling people stuff like that!” Kit Kat tried to calmly intervene, “She actually really helped me…”

“SHUT UP!” They both yelled at her. Kit Kat stood up and allowed them to rage at each other. She walked home from the cafe, enjoying the sunshine and the pine-scented air.


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